Saturday, January 1, 2011

Funky Funky Birthday

My family and friends know what I like. Check out the African blesbok skull my husband got me from The Bone Room in Berkeley. I may be the only woman in Prairie Village, Kansas with one of these on my bedroom wall.

He also picked me up a centipede for my animals in resin collection. My fish skeleton was on back order, but is on the way. Yee haw.

And I'm simply in love with my concrete baby devil head from the Etsy shop Mudstuff. Thanks so much, elle!!! After browsing this shop myself, I am already picking out the next sculpture for my collection.

The patina on this little statue is fabulous and it's a really weighty little piece.

And my little Brendan got me this great reed diffuser in "Fireside" that I am loving. Mom, I've already spent the DSW gift card on a great pair of snow boots that I will undoubtedly need soon. What a great birthday!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey girl...HAPPY BIRTHDAY...was it today??? My grandsons' b-day is today, don't suppose he partied hard last night do ya...ha, how 'bout you???!

    What great toys...I have bone and bug envy now you know, what great stuff!!!

    So sorry about Curious Sofa too, we all hate for any to close, did you get any sale stuff???

    Boy do I love that lil' Indian costume, but the lil' heathen melts my heart anyway, in or out of costume!

    Have a great year friend, be talkin to ya soon!