Sunday, January 23, 2011

Poetic Inspiration

I don't usually post my mosaics on the Eccentricities blog; I save them for Kelly Aaron Mosaics, the place devoted to my left-of-the-dial creations.

But Sharon over at Sweet Repose and I were talking about drumming up some pieces inspired by these great candles she found at The New Victorian Ruralist.

Very inspiring, indeed. I could hardly wait to get started. These perfectly rusty chandelier parts were piled in a bowl on my dining room table (a great centerpiece), as I waited for just the right place for them.

Amber bottles are a favorite staple of mine and this one looks right at home here. I've already started some other pieces inspired by great poets (coming soon).

Other mosaic Valentine hearts are on the mosaic blog, but while I'm spinning a post on Eccentricities, I'll include this one.

Several years ago, my husband jokingly gave me this idea. A heart declaring, "our love will never die," complete with cockroaches. Gross. But what do I expect? I am married to celebrated comic book writer, Jason Aaron, who spends his days on works like Punisher, Wolverine, Captain America, and Scalped; he is not known for being warm and fuzzy (but he really is . . . . sssshhhhhhh . . . )

More beautiful antique hardware (above) irreverently mixed with a dead roach, not so beautiful (below).

This weekend was also spent outside in the most perfect snow woman weather with temps in the mid 30's. Isn't she lovely?

My brother and sister-in-law have the greatest sledding hill right in their backyard (me and Dashiell).

And Jason and Dashiell. I am convinced that Jason wears this stupid hat just to annoy me. It's a good thing he looks like he does or he would undoubtedly get his ass kicked sporting this in public. Braids, Jason, really?!

Baby brother, Kahn, and Dash. The perfect day!


  1. I am still laughing at the boobed wonder in your yard...I'll never forget coming home one day from work, Piper and her friends were there goofing off, they were 16 at the time, didn't think anything about it till I looked in the back yard...3 snowmen with penis' outlined in black spray paint...OMG, my Christian neighbors from hell...what must they I really cared!!! Too funny girl!!!

    I LOVE WALT...OMG these are gonna be so great...perfect saying too, can't wait to see George!!!

    Hey Jason, I'm with you...LOVE THE HAT...I want one...heehee!!!


  2. PS...LUV the you have one encased in acrylic yet???

    You are sick Goth...that's why I luv ya sista strange!!!