Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The latest issue of Country Living magazine is all about White. I've always been drawn to the color white, but not the crisp, pristine kind; I like my white a little rusty. I found these shutter panels at the Mission Road Antique Mall last week.

They're a great chippy cream with the paint missing in all the right places. Before I put it against the wall, I looked it over so I could select the side that looked the most beat up for facing out. Can anybody relate?

They're a great backdrop for the rest of my "white" stuff.

And more "white". A theme emerges of monochromatic creams and browns. I also love cool tones but I never deviate too far into color. It's all about the texture and visual interest of the treasures themselves. And of course, old things have a history.

I dropped into the Curious Sofa for one of the last days and the place was practically empty. I collect chalk kewpies and this little gem was waiting patiently on a shelf to come home with me. My very last purchase from the Curious Sofa. Where will I find my French hand soap? Just last night a friend raved about it and wanted to know where she could pick it up. Not the Curious Sofa. I think it was the whole monochromatic white thing that attracted me so to that wonderful store.

I'm getting ready to put my carolers away for another year. Another find from the Mission Road Antique Mall last year. And my new couch will be here Friday!!

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  1. Totally diggin' it sista, hey, it's important to have the correct side out, otherwise we'd be lookin' at ya like you wasn't all there...know what I mean!!! Well, we know you ain't all there...isn't it fun..heehee!