Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More from Aviles

Jason and I are in Aviles, Spain this week at the Jornadas de Comic Villa de Aviles. We are meeting some wonderful friends. Here we are with Jorge, the man who has been organizing the festival for the last 16 years. We are so spoiled and grateful for his warm hospitality!!!!

Here are comic creator Steve Englehart and his wife, Terry, from Oakland, California.

Here are Kenny Lopez, Ric Meyers and Renee Witterstaetter.

Jason and a really fun fan.

Jason with the same really fun, really excited fan.

This man and his twin brother come to this convention every year.

Jason and a young fan.

This picture was taken at the opening before the creators took the stage.

Jason on stage at the opening. We're having fun with Tony Harris, the guy sitting next to him.

And I had to take this pic for Brendan. See, Aviles has teens who love Bowie, too, Brendan, you're not the only one!


  1. You kids look like you're really having a blast, great food, great company, great fans...and tell Brendan I have always been a huge fan of David Bowie too, since the beginning, my daughter doesn't get, thinks I'm crazy...SWEET!!!

    Keep sendin' the great pics...


  2. Great Blog Kelly! Had a blast hanging out with you in Aviles. --Renee :-)