Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taking in the Sights of Barcelona

After our week in Aviles, Jason and I only had one full day in Barcelona. That's like trying to do New York in a day. We were so lucky that our new friend, Diego Garcia Cruz, lives only 90 minutes from Barcelona. Diego was the translator at the Aviles show and speaks eight languages. It was great hanging out with him one more time!!

Diego went to school in Barcelona and showed us some amazing sights.

Click to enlarge this image - it's embellished with umbrellas.

This is King's Square where the last King of Spain was inaugurated.

The Gothic Quarter is the old part of the city and is a vast, twisty labyrinth of narrow streets packed with amazing buildings.

The pock marks on the building in this little square are from the Spanish Civil War. People were lined up against this wall and shot - a strange contrast to the hoards of children we saw playing soccer there after school let out.

Not even the roof drains are run-of-the-mill.

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  1. Hola Kelly, I see Jason, Diego and you had a complete day in Barcelona.
    The first time I went to Barcelona it was with Mamen like guide, and I had the same strange sensation in the square with shoots in the wall. The square was very hidden in the laberynthic streets. And it was full of children playing soccer too, the noise of the balls hitting the wall was a weird and sad feeling.
    I saw too your present to Melinda and it looks awesome, I´m sure the birds inside will be warms like the lost girls´spirit sign ;)
    Take care,

    Pedro ROdriguez