Friday, September 16, 2011

Still Having a Blast in Aviles!

Today, some friends and I checked out more sights around Aviles.

The night life here is also lots of fun - here are Diego and "El Diablo". This is what I started calling the bartender a few nights ago and he doesn't seem to mind. His girlfriend also tends bar and she is respectfully called "Mrs. Diablo".

Alberto and Mamen.

Melinda Gebbie and me after a great dinner last night.

Feeling kind of run down so I'm spending the night in posting on the blog and getting ready to watch a show on the ipad.


  1. What fun, thanks for posting all the great shots, especially the buildings, yes wouldn't it be fun to live in a flat over the street in one of these ancient cities...a dream huh...

    Just think of all the stories you'll be bringing home...have fun sista!!!

  2. Kelly, it´s been such a great time knowing you and your ever truly!! Those last moments at the tent were touching! Thank you for enriching my life a little. And I really hope we can meet again next year. Love!