Sunday, September 25, 2011

Styling in Barcelona

As we walked around Barcelona last week, I was struck by the amazing design style in the shops and bistros.

I would have missed this shop had it not been for Jason. I was busy looking up at the statues and verandas in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

The crow to the left is Bernardo and he is now hanging in my family room. Yeah!

Right up my alley. I use plastic cockroaches in my mosaics as seen HERE.

Necklace of koi fish.
Hanger, toilet paper, fried egg earrings.

Another interesting thing about Spain was all of the snazzy kids clothes. Here are a pair of tiny leather pants, jacket, and Godfather tee shirt.

More snazzy kids clothes. Love the tie and that's a Michael Jackson jacket to the left.

This was a bistro. Love the use of flatware.

OMG! Do not blow this one up if you are easily offended.

And this was the ceiling in a little place next to Guera's flat where we had breakfast one day. No way!!

Speaking of Guera. We had such a wonderful time with he and his family. Here he is playing guitar with his wife, Slavitsta, looking on.

Guera showing us some of Jock's cover art.

Jason and I in front of our hotel in Barcelona.

And I missed this one in previous posts. This was taken in Aviles. This is a very traditional way of serving cider. You must first aerate it and drink it quickly in small quantities. It wasn't the traditional sweet apple cider we are used to in the States, it tasted of vinegar, but what a show!

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