Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shopping Fix

It had been a very long time since I had a shopping trip. I was even starting to dream about antiques. I had several missions yesterday including buying for resale, spending some gift certificates for stuff to keep for my home, and stocking up on mosaic goodies. First, the resale:

I love clocks and so does everyone else lately, apparently, since sales on them have been strong. I love Big Bens of varying sizes, including this smaller one, and I found a great vintage art deco French clock I'm loving.

I just sold a worn leather shoe shine box but found this great wicker one yesterday. So much personality!

I had never run across a fleur de lis mold like this one made in France. Very fun.

Found some great books including this one. Perfect colors, perfect font style, perfect title!

Any glass and silver plate combinations fly out of the booth.

The marble lamp is a great caramel color and I don't have to rewire it!

This chippy wicker chair is very sturdy and the many coats of old paint peeking through really add character.

Second on the list, spending my holiday gift certificates at the River Market Antique Mall! Super cream bull horn made of pressed board and cracking in just the right places. I have a table that needs some height and this will do the trick.

Vintage spun cotton stork.

Little splash of industrial.

I've had my eye on hat forms for awhile but didn't want to be limited by one with a clamp. I can put this one anywhere.

The enamel stool will be used as a side table in the living room. Fabulous.

And a little French chalk doll that was probably connected to a lamp at one time.

And finally, I love searching for interesting bits to incorporate into my mosaics. I just got a custom order for some red and pink pieces and shopped with that in mind yesterday.

The antlers will go in a plaque that will say, "home on the range" and will probably go to Iowa.

One thing I was looking for yesterday and didn't find were pillows for the new couch. I like the grain sack look, but sometimes the new ones can be overdone with print that is too bold, cheesy crowns, etc. An antique German sack is the way to go and I found a perfect one on Etsy that includes great patching.

Here are shots of some fun things I DID see yesterday, including these stamps.

While I'm at it, here are the cute kewpie tiles I got from Mudstuff on Etsy - so cute!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Brendan's guitar instructor called last week to reschedule an appointment because he had a gig in Amsterdam. When I asked him if he'd ever been there, he replied, "dozens of times." All I ask is once, at least, and now I have a place to stay. Ha.

One of my friends knows someone there who rents out his home. My friend thought I "might" enjoy the design style. Might?!

Imagine taking your tea in a room like this.

Or having a space so grand it's worthy of draped wall treatments instead of wallpaper. Check out the mouldings!!

This is a ceiling in a bedroom. Incredible, as is the chandelier.

For now, I'll dream. And I'll start my adventures abroad with a trip to Spain in September. Poor me!